How Paycor Improves Sales Proficiency by 21% through Knowledge Reinforcement

Fast changing competitive environments mean that today’s sales reps need continuous onboarding, and reinforcement and development of new knowledge and skills throughout their tenure.
Learn how the team at Paycor, a leading provider of HR and Payroll solutions for small and mid-sized organizations with a rapidly growing sales team, deployed a continuous knowledge reinforcement to ramp up new sales reps quickly with the right product knowledge, sales skills, and sales process to meet their sales goals.
In this on-demand webinar, Paycor learning leaders Phil Miele and Emma Haynes will discuss how to enable sales teams to be field ready using a continuous sales training and reinforcement strategy that resulted in a 21% increase in sales proficiency.
Paycor Sales Proficiency withQstream
Listen in to learn how to:
  • Capture and sustain sales professional learning engagement
  • Improve sales reps recall of product knowledge
  • Mitigate the “forgetting curve” through knowledge reinforcement best practices
  • Quickly ramp up new sales reps and reduce time to productivity
  • Quantify learning ROI through rich analytics